XTouch – Open up and give more control to your Bambu Labs P1P or P1S

I love my P1S but have gotten spoiled with my Klipper screens on my Creality and Voron. I thought I could get by with the Dot Matrix but I hated it. I use Home Assistant and MQTT to manage most of the printer, but wanted to have a better experience “at” the printer. Through way to much Googling, searching GitHub and Youtube I came across the XTouch project: https://github.com/xperiments-in/xtouch

This kick ass project uses a REALLY cheap touch screen (but great quality and responsive) from AliExpress to tap into Bambu’s MQTT broker to open up a world of more options.

I’d walk you through the installation process but it’s quite clear on the Github page, but if you run into trouble hit me up on Threads and I will do my best to answer.



Depending on how you want to mount it there are lot of options. I wanted to go for a display that looks like my Voron and Creality Machines and really happy with how this model came out.

Some others I considered that may work for you are:

In my searching I came across the Teaching Tech YouTube channel where the host Michael covers the project in depth and the model he made to solve his particular needs. It’s a great watch if you have the time.