Filament Notes

I keep trying to have a good system of keeping track of the different preferred temps for my various filaments. I always do a temp tower, but I have a pile of them and would rather put them away so this is an attempt at documenting them for my quick reference but they may help you as well. Notes about my machine: Ender 3 S1 with a bi-metal heatbreak and a Stainless Steel Nozzle.

Inland PLA ProBlue207º55ºHard to dial in, but once you do it prints beautifully. Great shine, a put of a TPU like feel. Would buy again
Polymaker PLA LiteBlack200º50ºOne of most hated rolls. Prints at a vastly lower temp than my other rolls. Does not want to stick to the bed. Doesn’t love high speed printing. Nice sheen though. Will not use again.
Inland PLA+ Magenta
Inland PLA+ Grey
Inland PLAYellow
Overture Matte PLABlack20555I think you could go 200 here and have it work fine, but turns out at 205. Not great layer adhesion even at higher temps. I like the matte look but maybe not worth the trouble.
Overture Silk PLAGreen20555Look’s amazing, easy to print, almost no stringing. Big fan RN.