1 hour benchy on Ender 3 S1 using the MK4 profile

Using Prusa’s MK4 Profiles with Ender 3 S1 Printers

At the very end of March Prusa Research announced their newest Printer the MK4 with a video of a Benchy printing on an their latest bed slinger aka i3 printer in under 20 minutes.

MK4 Sub 20 Minute benchy

That got me thinking. I have a very well tuned Creality Ender 3 S1 (not Pro but with upgrade effectively Pro). Could I print that fast?

Well the easy answer was unfortunately no. Not because of the bed slinging. I have my resonance compensation and pressure advanced well tuned. It’s because my flow rate can’t keep up, my cooling isn’t there and I don’t want to to print at a .25 layer height.

But could I beat some of my other Cura profiles by leaning on the shoulders of Prusa, use their speed (but not super draft profile) to find a better balance of speed and quality?

My fastest good lucking time benchy with my existing profiles for a .2mm is 50 minutes. Could using Prusa’s profiles beat it?

Well no. It can’t on time. Despite adding more “speed” to the default MK4 profile it still looks like it takes longer. That said in my opinion it does look quite a bit better. Seams are better, top surface is massively better. Stringing a bit worse (but I can tune that out, I am use a Prusa extruder’s settings remember.

If you would like to experiment with this profile you can download it here.

What about a super speed profile? Can I use the Prusa baseline and mash it up with some of Creality’s sonic pad speed profiles and get a mix of quality AND speed. Let see….