How to Change DNS Provider on Windows



I’ve been mainly a OSX guy since I think Windows 95. Maybe I made to Windows 98 so my memory of how to do stuff on Windows is a bit rusty.

Recently I setup PiHole and for some reason my gaming PC wasn’t showing as using Pi-Hole as a DNS provider despite setting it as the provider in my router. It turned out years ago I changed it manually to cloudflare and forgot how to do it. So this post is more than anything a reminder of how to do it and may be of use to you.

_Note: Pi-Hole is a way to block ads at the DNS level on your home network. It’s great and works on even the oldest Raspberry Pi’s. Check it out. _

Ok, so this is what you gotta do to change your DNS.

  1. In the search type in Network Connections and then go to the top result.
  2. Right click on whatever device you use to connect to the internet and select Properties
  3. Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and on the bottom edit your DNS’s servers as needed to whatever you want, be it your Pi-Hole or Cloudflare’s
  4. Do the same for Version 6 if needed
  5. Enjoy!