MellowFly a better ADXL for Resonance Tuning AKA Input Shaping

I’ve tried a few different AliExpress ADXL’s for tuning my printers over the years. Each one had me solder (which I am not great at), find and read poorly translated how-tos, or deal with making an umbilical so after the ADXL on my Voron 0.2 stopped being reliable I want on a hunt and came across the MellowFly. For $15 USD delivered I felt it was worth the cost.

A few reasons I like it:

  1. Has the Pi 2040 chip which is easy to flash and well documented
  2. Has a USB-C port. Everything in my life is moving to USB-C, its easy to find a cable and use it
  3. The setup documentation is well written and easy to follow.

If you want to buy it this is where I got it from:

I also have a STL for how I mount it to my Voron Zero’s Mini Steathburner. It’s just press fit so super super easy to install and remove whenever you need to run Input Shaping. Cop that STL here:

Give me a thumbs up if this works out for you on Printables.