Remotely Monitoring Raspberry Pi System Vitals

A little 4 core Raspberry Pi may not really need any big time monitoring. Especially if the web server is running through Cloudflare, but sometimes it is nice to just have a at a glance view of CPU, Memory, Processes, etc.. The easiest way of monitoring that I have found is via Glances. This is how I setup and use it on my Raspberry Pi web server.

Firstly, install Glances: sudo apt install glances

Verify its working with glances -w

Now set it up as a service by creating the following file: sudo nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/glancesweb.service

and editing with the following information:

Description = Glances in Web Mode
After =

ExecStart = /usr/bin/glances  -w  -t  10

WantedBy =

The 10 there is  the refresh interval. You can set it whatever you needs are. I like 10 seconds as the information doesn’t have to be up to the second for my needs.

Enable the service: sudo systemctl enable glancesweb.service Start the service: sudo systemctl start glancesweb.service Verify the service is running: sudo systemctl status glancesweb.service

And then navigate to the dashboard in your computers web browser and enjoy the complete look at your Pi’s vitals.

Screenshot of Glances